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With over 20,000 performances to our credit, and having worked with some of the largest acts in the industry, we have the expertise you need. While our team has worked in many aspects of the entertainment industry, one of our unique areas of focus is casino gaming and casino entertainment.


From working for the casinos, to selling shows to the casinos, to working with the artists, we understand what is needed to run a successful entertainment department.  We understand the unique needs that casino entertainment requires, and how different it is from conventional entertainment. We understand what the artist needs, we understand what the audience needs and most importantly we understand what you need. Our unique approach brings all the pieces together to provide you with the highest quality product around, brought in the most cost effective and efficient manner.


The team at Kevin Stewart Productions has acquired non-gaming and vendor licenses in multiple states. We have worked with over 50 casinos in the United States and Canada and are aware of their structure and departmental requirements. With Kevin Stewart Productions you will receive extensive/well-rounded casino experience in all areas of entertainment. The team consists of over 80 years of combined skills in negotiating, booking, production, design, training, front-of-house and operations including ticketing, marketing facility operations, software design and agent relationships.

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