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KSP is and affiliate with Nextune. Through nextune all royalties have been prenegotiated with BMI, ASCAP, AND HARRY FOX verity collection companies, at a lower bulk price bringing you savings. At only $24 per area, KSP passes the cost directly to you while allowing you to play all of the hits at any time worry free. Easy as 123KSP, just set up your zones, pick your music, insert your advertisements, and you're are ready to go.


Many areas in a venue do not need commercial music but need mood music. KSP has royalty free music. This allows you to pick what zones you need to pay royalties and which zones you do not while bringing savings to your bottom line. You can still insert your advertisements in the playlist when needed. Imagine having a 24-hour in-house radio station all being controlled at your desk via the cloud.

Jingle Samples

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